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Getting started with your Journal

So in my previous Post i talked about the benefits of journaling, now its time to think about actually doing it.

We all have busy lives and wonder when we will find time to sit and write in our journals. You don't have to write pages and pages, all you need to do is set aside a little quiet time to sit and think about your life. It can be just by writing down a record of what you did that day; by venting about one thing that you can’t get off your mind; by noting something that inspired you. Some days it may be pages and pages, and some it may only be a few words. Just as long as you’re actually taking a moment to stop and think about how things are going.

YEAR AT A GLANCE: ‘Year at a glance’ page,is where you can quickly look up dates for the whole of 2018.

FUTURE LOG: It is suggested that your first ‘spread’ is your ‘Future Log’. This is simply a convenient place to log any events that you want to make a note of that are coming up in the following months, and it looks like this:



MONTHLY TRACKER: There maybe certain things that you might like to track throughout the month, such as medication, diet, and business goals. These objectives tend to change each month, so you don’t have to have a set list of things to track.

Daily Pages: Everyday you can start a fresh page with the date and write the things that you need to get done that day done that day. Its a great space to put notes, brainstorms and simply getting it out of your brain and onto paper

Here’s the thing about Bullet Journalling:

It’s not meant to be perfect!

It doesn’t matter how much of a perfectionist you are – learning to let go when it comes to planning and keeping track of your life is seriously the best move you could ever make.

There are going to be things in your journal that don’t work for you…and that’s fine. As you keep using the system, you’ll soon figure out what works and what doesn’t – it’s all about trial and error.

I quite like the Creative side of the journaling and and have got alot of insperation from YouTube .

Take a look at at this video :

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