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Workshops at the Decoporium

So, I've not written a blog for a veeeeerrrrryyyyyy long time, and really don't have much excuse for it other than i'm slack. Recently I've noticed that people still don't know i sell craft supplies and haberdashery items at the Decoporium, (Very frustrating).

Talking to my lovely boss Billie about ideas to help get people to know about my lovely shop we came up with the idea of hosting craft workshops/Classes. OMG, my heart started to beat fast with nerves so I went on Facebook and looked for support and advice from the fabulous crafting community. Everyone was very encouraging and supportive and made me feel slightly less panicked and started to asked questions in our local community groups testing the waters to see if we would have any interest.

The first workshop looks likely to be a group of ladies that use a Scan n Cut Machine, the workshop could either involve work that is being worked on at home and just need a bit of advice, or we will all do something new. We still have to set the date but all involved are really looking forward to our first meeting, so if you read this and are interested

this link takes you to a group called scan n cut meeting venues UK where I will be advertising the date.

Please get in touch with me via my facebook page and let me know what crafts you are interested in and i can get a list put together and get going.

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