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Just a little bit about my journey so far


In 2013 my Husband brought home a vinyl cutting machine, much to my disgust as it was shortly after christmas and we were short of money. His plan was to make his own vinyl decals/stickers for his own car and make some extra money by doing other peoples cars. This is where i came in as he isnt the most technical of people and has very little patience. After weeks of hair pulling and long nights watching you tube videos i actually started to enjoy it, so J&K custom signs was born. I had then started to look on selling sights to see what else vinyl could be used for and found that there is a huge market out ther for home decor and personalisation. I was unsure about doing car stickers and started to go in a different direction (more femanine) and felt the name just didnt match but still wanted mine and my husbands initials in the name. i sent out a post on facebook and got loads of ideas, one being Just Kiss which i liked but just not quite right so added a few words and JUST BEEN KISSED DESIGNS arrived YEY

The early years

Going back a few yrs, I spent most of my childhood being looked after by my Grandma (who is 99 this yr) and still living on her own, as my mum had to work. She is a farmer and as you can guess was very crafty, she taught me to sew, knit (cant do it now) bake, write on wood with a hot poker (dont try without adult suprvision lol) and lots more fun stuff. now coming back to more recent times i feel like my inner crafter has been unleashed, everyday i seem to find a new item i want to try and recreate, hense why my items are so varied.

In 2003 i was diagnosed with MS, and over the yrs i have been very up and down with my health but in 2013 i started a brand new drug which (touch wood) seems to be keeping it at bay. 2014 i had the chance of taking redundancy from my part time job at The British Library that i had been doing since 2000. so it was decision time, should i stay safe a just keep my craftyness as a hobby? or take a leap and try make a go of it? Well i decided to go for it with the backing of my family and some amazing support from the people at Wetherbyhour.

So here i am with my very own website and about to have a pitch in the new decoporiam soon to be opened (WATCH THIS SPACE)

2015-02-14 21.17.01.png

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